The e-NABLE Community Rallies to Fight COVID-19

For the past few years, I have been trying to remind people that the e-NABLE Community is not just a group of volunteers who are making FREE 3D printed hands for those in need; but they are in fact, a global community of big-hearted makers who are eager to jump in and help to change lives by using their ideas, imaginations and their 3D printers to create devices that are not readily accessible to those in need.

While we have become known for “Giving the World a Helping Hand” through the delivery of thousands of free upper limb prosthetic devices worldwide, today we find that the past 7 years of making kids and adults smile with colorful prosthetic limbs…was in fact our “Training” for this very moment in history.

COVID-19 (or Coronavirus) has swept through country after country, killing thousands and infecting thousands more. Our e-NABLE Volunteers are fighting for their lives and the lives of everyone around them all across the world while our healthcare systems remind us that we are nowhere near prepared for this pandemic.

Makers everywhere have jumped in to do what our global governments can not: Provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s) for our hospitals and medical staff and the heroes on the front lines who are working around the clock to save lives.

Below are some of our biggest resources currently available.

Pandemic Resources Collected by the e-NABLE Community

e-NABLE COVID-19 Coronavirus Resource guide

Our e-NABLE Community Volunteers have put together a resource document for those who are interested in helping our healthcare warriors on the front lines.

Some of our e-NABLE Chapters have a higher need than others and are listed in this document. If you can help, please do.

This resource guide will be updated daily with links, new resources, design files, tutorials and articles collected from the e-NABLE Community. They are sorted with some relation to publication date and priority. Changes and new additions are in BOLD.

USA Map of Donation Sites

There is now a map that shows drop off sites in the USA where medical heroes can ask for specific needs and volunteers can find out what they need the most.

Please visit Get Us PPE for more information and make sure you follow the instructions.

*Do not drop off supplies without first contacting the facilities for their donation procedures. Some facilities need basic items like hand sanitizers and wipes while others are interested in trying out the 3D printed masks or face shields. Please do not drop supplies off without first getting confirmation from their representative so that everyone is safe.

3D Universe Filaments and Resources

One of e-NABLE’s co-founders, Jeremy Simon at 3D Universe, has been working non-stop with printing and testing designs for masks and face shields that are being shared and has spent a considerable amount of time creating videos to help those who want to get involved.

Please visit his blog page here for the most current information. He is updating this page regularly with the most needed and promising designs that our community can work on creating for those in the medical field who are in desperate need of PPE.

3D Universe is also offering discounts on filament for those who are 3D printing PPE in the USA, with most orders shipping within 1 business day. Please visit for more information or email them at

In light of the current coronavirus pandemic, we are asking for help to support volunteers who are producing 3D printed protective gear for our medical professionals and essential workers, including face shields and respirator masks.

100% of the donated funds will be used to provide free 3D printing materials for groups around the US who are producing and donating protective gear. Every $100 donated will provide enough material to produce about 30 respirator masks or about 50 face shields.

3D Universe has already sent free filaments to dozens of groups working on producing and donating protective equipment for our medical workers. Your donation will help us to support more of those groups and individuals.

Portland 3D Printing Lab Crowd Sourced Medical Supplies Catalogue

3d printed face shield parts for hospitals fighting COVID-19
Photo Courtesy of Shashi Jain

The volunteers at the Portland 3D Printing lab have put together a great resource for those that are interested in 3D printing PPE and want to see which designs have been tested and approved for use by the medical professionals.

WeNeedMasks.Org Needs Your Help Too

Photo Courtesy of

While e-NABLE is known for coming up with 3D printed solutions to solve real-world problems, sometimes 3D printing isn’t always the answer.

There is a desperate need for fabric sewn masks in the USA as well as around the world and has created a website with instructions, tutorials, patterns and a map where you can find out which medical facilities are in need and accepting sewn masks. If you are in need, please put your facility on the map so that volunteers can start making them for your health heroes.

If you do not have a 3D printer but you have a sewing machine and know how to sew, please consider signing up to create masks for these amazing healthcare workers.

Love From the e-NABLE Community

We have proven time and time again, that thoughtful, big-hearted, creative-minded people can make a difference in the lives of others and change the world for the better.

You have been superheroes this entire time and some of you didn’t even know it.

Now is your time to shine.

You don’t always have to do “Big things” to change the world.

Sometimes you just have to feed some plastic into your 3D printer and tell it to print the parts for a face shield or you string your sewing machine up with some thread and turn your scrap fabrics into little rectangles that will help to save lives.

Heroes Helping Heroes.

That is what e-NABLE is.

Please be safe.

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