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Meet our “Real Life Superhero” Sponsors!

3D Universe has been an active supporter of the e-NABLE community for several years. They have distributed over 5,700 assembly materials kits for e-NABLE devices, a majority of which have been discounted to very near the cost of materials. They also regularly give presentations about e-NABLE to schools and libraries, a number of which have initiated e-NABLE programs as a result. And they’ve published a number of video tutorials to help volunteers learn to build e-NABLE devices.

The 3D Universe team also developed (and continues to develop) the e-NABLE Web Central application, which facilitates matching between people who need e-NABLE devices and the volunteers making them.

3D Universe is very pleased to be a supporter of! The 3D Universe team believes that is a critically important resource for the e-NABLE community. Therefore, a portion of all purchases made through the shopping page on and any purchases intended for doing e-NABLE related work go towards supporting and the e-NABLE community.

Please visit their website for more information!

The Howard and Abby Milstein Foundation is taking on some of the most challenging issues facing the world today. The Foundation has been active for fifteen years, providing financial support and leadership in 7 core areas…..Medical Research, Science and Technology, Higher Education & Youth, History, Religious and Communal Organizations, Arts & Culture, Law enforcement & Homeland Security and Civic Engagement.

Howard and Abby’s involvement, leadership and giving align with the essence of “Venture Philanthropy”, which brings the principles of venture capitalism to philanthropy. These include active engagement in organization and operations; encouraging an entrepreneurial approach to innovation and change; and finding and investing in leaders in the field.

Howard personally resonated with the mission of e-NABLE as a community of digital humanitarians donating 3D printed prostheses to people of need globally. In recognition, the foundation provided our community with a generous gift of $15,000.

We are pleased to announce the receipt of a generous grant of $20,000 from Dell USA L.P., under their Legacy of Good Plan. The Legacy of Good Plan captures Dell’s commitment to putting their technology and expertise to work for the good of their people and planet, a founding principle of Dell’s purpose: to drive human progress.

This grant was made possible by the efforts of Dell employee Seamus Jones (who also is leader of our Dell e-NABLE Chapter) and his colleagues. The work of this chapter was personally recognized by Michael Dell at a recent corporate-wide technology conference.

We really appreciate the fine work and support of Michael Dell and his employees, who indeed are working to drive human progress, and who support our e-NABLE mission of being digital humanitarians working to help others. Dell’s donation was added to the Enable Fund, where it will be put to work supporting mini-grants of relevance, importance and benefit to the entire e-NABLE Community.

We are pleased to announce the receipt of a $10,000 donation to the Enable Fund by the Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation. This donation is in recognition of our work in helping people through technology and new ideas. And, an exciting aspect of this recognition is you can see the work we do when you visit the amazing new Comcast Technology Center in Philadelphia.

This brand new 60 story building houses the headquarter offices of Comcast and their affiliates, and also features and showcases new technologies. In this technology center is an innovative theater that allows a small group of people (25 at a single showing) to view a movie entitled “The Power of I”, with the “I” representing both the Individual, and Ideas. This 7-minute movie is billed as a combination of immersive theatre and virtual reality, produced by Steven Spielberg. The exciting part of the movie is that it features 6 different new technologies that are changing the world, and e-NABLE is one of them!

In recognition of our work, and being featured in their movie, the Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation awarded us the financial gift.

A great big THANK YOU is in order to Comcast NBCUniversal, and also to all the members of our community that indeed contribute to our mission of being digital humanitarians working to make the world a better place!

If you are in the Philadelphia area, be sure to stop by the Comcast Technology Center to view the movie. It is free, but requires advance registration for tickets.

Filament PM is offering a 10% discount on their 3D printing materials for e-NABLE volunteers. Email for details.

Filament PM was established in 2013, by an innovative chemist Jan Přindiš, as a subsidiary company of Plasty Mladec (abbreviation PM).

We produce high-quality filament, located in the heart of Europe – in the Czech Republic.

Our portfolio consists of hobby filaments as PLA, PLA+, ASA, ABS-T or PETG ( we were one of the first in Europe, who have launched PETG filament) to more industrial one as Nylon, CFJet (PETG with carbon fibre), or FRJet (PETG with flame retardant), PPjet, flex filament with shore 88A and 32D, or Ultem.

Our latest new material is RECYCLED filament RePLA+ and RePETG. Both are made from chopped filament spools, which are again melted down and extruded into a new recycled filament.

We are a verified manufacturer by Prusa Research, as in 2014 FILAMENT PM began production for Prusa.

As of 2019, we have a US warehouse, located in Virginia.

For Autumn 2022, we are preparing a special launch of SKIN color filament.


5th Grade Girl Scout Troop 1151 – Maryland
7th/8th Grade Makers Elective Class – Piedmont Middle School – California


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• Erik de Bruijn – Cofounder of Ultimaker
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• Clear Process Solutions/LEANutopia speakers: Rick Hawk (Kichler Lighting), Chris Hagen (Rockwell Automation), Jon Hirschtick (Onshape), Jesse Shiah (AgilePoint), Dave Peace (PAX Insights)
• Valerie Sanford
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• Carol Kufeldt
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