Welcome e-NABLE Bot!

Image of e-NABLE Bot - a robot cartoon

Many of our Hub members may have noticed that not all our members are human these days! To help share community metrics, Mažvydas Sverdiolas has created the e-NABLE bot to share post activity weekly and new members twice a week. 

This Week in the Hub!

Built on the e-NABLE metrics tool that Mažvydas set up for us, the new automated reporting summarizes weekly membership, popular content, and engagement. Since September, we’ve had 85 new posts across 29 topics. Check it out to see where the discussions are happening. Posted each Sunday.


Since September, we have had 136 new volunteers from 33 countries! Please comment on the posts when you see them and welcome new members when they arrive. Posted Mondays & Thursdays

 New Member Meet-up!

We have also begun a New Member Meetup where all new members and old friends can join to meet each other, ask questions, chat with community leaders, and share stories and projects. This is your chance to meet with others from around the world and learn about how to collaborate and get involved!

And yes the e-NABLE Bot is invited.

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