Photo Courtesy of e-NABLE Medellin – Colombia

Covid-19 has changed our world drastically in the past few months. While we still have some e-NABLE Volunteers who are continuing to focus on providing 3D printed hands and arms for those in need, the mass majority of our global community has switched focus to creating free 3D printed PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to help supply our heroes on the front lines with gear that will help to keep them safe from this deadly virus while they try to save lives.

The e-NABLE Community has volunteers all over the world who are creating 3D printed face shields, masks, “ear savers” and much more.

We have started a document of resources that is updated daily to help you locate newest design files, world maps of medical professionals in need of assistance, materials resources, online communities and forums to help answer questions and much more.

Below are some links to helpful resources, inspirational blog posts and ways you can help with donations to help get our volunteers more materials to continue to create PPE for those who are in need.

e-NABLE Pandemic Resources Guide

Click HERE to Visit the e-NABLE Pandemic Resources Guide

Our volunteers have put together a Google Document that is being updated daily for you where you can find links to design files for PPE, resources for community HUBs, forums and Facebook groups, maps for requests for PPE from healthcare heroes, research information, medically-based articles, supply lists, tutorials, regulations, educational resources and much more.

Please check back daily for updated information.

Donations of 3D Printer Filament and Materials to e-NABLE Volunteers

We have dozens of groups who are working hard to raise money to purchase much needed 3D printing filaments to continue providing PPE to their local hospitals and essential workers on the front lines who are fighting this pandemic.

Global Chapters in Need

Donations of 3D Printing Filaments for USA e-NABLE Volunteers through 3D Universe

3D Universe‘s Jeremy Simon and one of our e-NABLE Co-founders, has set up gift card options for those who would like to help get 3D printing filament to volunteers who are creating PPE for healthcare and essential workers on the front lines here in the USA.

Based in the USA and shipping from Chicago, Jeremy is able to work with a local USA based 3D printer filament company (Terrafilum Engineered Filaments) to produce 3D printing filament on-demand and ship directly to our volunteers within 1-3 business days instead of waiting for crowdfunding campaigns to payout.

Your purchased filaments go directly to e-NABLE Volunteers who are printing face shields, face masks and “ear savers” as well as those who ware working on new prototypes to improve the designs.

Every $100 donated will provide enough material to produce about 30 respirator masks or about 50 face shields.

Photo Courtesy of e-NABLE DC

Any donations that are not used to create PPE during the pandemic, will be donated to e-NABLE Volunteers who are still creating 3D printed hands and arms for those in need.

Donate to a Specific Chapter

Locate an e-NABLE Chapter near you that may need your help!

Please visit our Global e-NABLE Chapter Map to locate a chapter near you that may need assistance during this time. You can contact them directly and see what they need the most right now and coordinate donations that will go toward printing PPE for our front line heroes.

Need a 3D Printer and Want to Help?

We have called on e-NABLE Volunteer and Co-Founder, Jeremy Simon at 3D Universe for help as our “e-NABLE Expert on 3D Printers” for the past 7 years.

If he doesn’t have what you are looking for in your price range, he is happy to recommend the 3D printers that he believes will do the job and has proven time and time again, that he will never recommend any 3D printers or filaments that he doesn’t believe are the best possible quality available – especially for our e-NABLE Community.

Please visit the 3D Universe Shop page HERE or feel free to email him at with your questions.

Read and Share our e-NABLE Covid-19 Community Stories

Photo Courtesy of e-NABLE Volunteers with Thai Reach

We have a global community of amazing people who have switched gears from making free 3D printed hands and arms for the limb different community – to creating free PPE for those fighting COVID-19 and trying to save lives.

We recently shared a blog post highlighting a few of our chapters and volunteers who have stepped up to help this fight against this pandemic and would love to hear from the rest of you so we can share your stories as well.

If you are currently volunteering to make PPE for your local hospitals, essential workers or others in your community to keep them safe, please email us at and share your stories so we can share them here on our website and blog.

Thank you for all you are doing and please, please – stay safe.