There are many ways for and individuals, chapters, educational organizations, corporations, and foundations to partner with e-NABLE. Together, we can create a partnership that aligns with your core values. Explore how you can become involved below and contact us to learn more.

Corporations & Foundations

Your organization can meet its business, social, and philanthropic goals through financial or in-kind donations, discount programs skills-based volunteering, fundraising, and employee matching programs.

Education & Research

Join our diverse international community of educators by contributing to events, materials, and resources for students. Participate in conferences, webinars, and cutting-edge research.

Individuals & Chapters

Learn how you can make lasting change in someone’s life through your participation. Tell the unique story of our impact and become a local organizer for campaigns and events for your neighbors, friends, and family.

Corporations & Foundations

Numerous corporate and philanthropic organizations have supported e-NABLE over the years. Donations are tax deductible donations and demonstrate social responsibility that motivate employees and goodwill.

Corporate Sponsorship Level

  • Gold Level ($10,000+)
  • Silver Level ($1,000-$9,999)
  • Bronze Level (<$999)

Financial Contributions

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Holiday giving contribution
Ddora FoundationGold Level
Annual contribution to community projects
Howard and Abby Milstein FoundationSilver Level
Foundation Grant
MicrosoftSilver Level
Hackathon Academic Team Award
First Methodist ChurchBronze Level
Howard and Abby Milstein FoundationGold Level
Foundation Grant
DellGold Level
Corporate Social Responsibility
Skills-based volunteering
Cleveland FoundationGold Level
Chapter project support
ComcastSilver Level
Employee donation program
IBMSilver Level
Corporate Social Responsibility
Skills-based volunteering
Network for GoodSilver Level 
Marketing and fundraising
Fidelity CharitableBronze Level
End-of-year charitable gifts
Youtube.orgGold Level
Corporate Social Responsibility
Marketing at annual expo

Partner Stories

The Cleveland foundation collaborated with the Sierra Lienne chapter to make a platinum level donation.

Comcast HQ in Philadelphia in connection with an immersive Universal Sphere video installation in their featuring e-NABLE as an example of innovation gave a platinum level gift.

Google IO 2017 showcasing the achievements of the e-NABLE community

The Milstein foundation supporting the development of the NIOP system, a modular prosthetic first used in Aleppo, Syria.


Below are some examples of non-financial ways organizations support e-NABLE.

OrganizationYears ActiveSummary
3D Universe2014 – presentDevelops and hosts Enable Web Central. Operates the e-NABLE Help Desk. Administers the e-NABLE Hub. Produces and distributes e-NABLE Assembly Materials Kits. Provides filament donations to e-NABLE chapters.
Deloitte2019 – presentBrand consulting

Education & Research

Many universities, K-12 programs, and service providers have enriched their programs and made the world a better place by collaborating with e-NABLE on educational initiatives and funded research grants. Below are several examples.

OrganizationYears ActiveSummary
University of Maryland2017 – presentHosted e-NABLEcon, annual community gathering.
Bit Space2020e-NABLE inspired curriculum modules for online schools
Wappinger School District, New York State2019District innovation officer piloted and published a multigrade, multidisciplinary program aligned with new educational standards for the state.

Individuals & Chapters

Scores of individuals have donated to the e-NABLE fund, including monthly donation contributions. There are many ways to get involved:

  • Financial Contributions
  • Developing and Supporting Chapters
  • Spread the Word
  • Encouraging Employer Matching Programs

Here are several examples of how community members contribute.

OrganizationYears ActiveSummary
Eric Montalvo2017 – PresentMonthly donations
3D Universe2014 – PresentOver $10,000 donated to support e-NABLE Web Central, the e-NABLE Hub, and the e-NABLE Help Desk
Mažvydas Sverdiolas2018 – PresentChapter leader
Software developer volunteer
Ted Huston2019Platinum donation in memory of Tina Huston
Seamus Jones2019 – PresentChampioned employer matching program at Dell Technologies
Thousands and thousands of volunteers making the world a better place